Your Story Matters...


Love God & Love Others

Our mission is simple, but hard. GO to the missing, LOVE the marginalized and LIVE as God's kids. Our hope is to create many environments and opportunities to live that out. 

God asks us to simply Love God and Love Others, but the work to live that out is often difficult. However, we believe that when we do that well we love people, not because they deserve it, but because they matter to God.

When we live that out individually and as a community we believe Gods love connects people in ways that are undeniable. It is then Gods story connects their story.

If you would like to read a few stories of how we God has used us as a church to touch others you can scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Have a story to share?

We believe your story is your gift. When we share our story of how God has used us or how God has used others to impact us it provides hope to others.

If you have a story to share we would love to hear it. You can email us at



Your Story Matters

Thanks for the "Go" Training.  In all my years as a believer, that was the first time I've exercised speaking my story.  My flesh didn't want to as it was difficult to get my mind around to put my story into words and then humbling myself to speak confidently about who I am in Christ.  I appreciate the training and support to be thinking about how to tell my story in my daily life. I'm no story teller, but I can be vulnerable in the name of Jesus so that someone else may be saved by His grace.


Hands & Feet

Friday evening the snow and ice began falling. My 1 large bucket of deicer didn't go far as I used it for two elderly neighbors' properties and my own. After having the flu all week, I wanted to avoid any stores but was concerned that I had no deicer left and no energy to shovel or shop. It would have to wait until Saturday morning when I hoped I would feel a bit better to deal with it.

In the Bible, angels appear out of the heavens. In Blue Ash, on Saturday morning, angels from your church appeared on my front porch asking to shovel and salt. I couldn't have been more surprised nor more grateful! Adam, Craig and a couple nameless angels busily worked as a team then slipped away, just as quietly as they had arrived. 

Usually I am a very able-bodied energetic person, who would've have encouraged them to by-pass my house and assist someone truly in need. On Saturday, I was the one truly in need and thanks to your community service workers, they arrived at my house just at the right time on the right day! At these times, I know, without doubt, that there is a God whose amazing plan is much greater than any of us could devise!

Again I thank you from the depth of my heart and wish you God's blessings on your church community!