Welcome. We're glad you are here.

We are a band of believers, passionate Christ-followers, a community founded in a belief that anything is possible when we fix our eyes upon Jesus. We love God wholeheartedly and give His love away by loving others radically.  

We are propelled by a common vision to experience God more and grow in our understanding of Him. Whether you are curious about faith or a life-long follower of Jesus, we hope you will join us. 



We are dedicated to creating environments where people of all ages can engage with Jesus. Our vision is to experience Jesus and equip people to do the same right where they are.  We exist to GO to the missing. LOVE the marginalized. LIVE as God's kids. 



We all carry a story as unique and varied as we are. We want to hear yours and walk alongside you in the journey. Together, we are exploring who God is and discovering that a life worth living is only found in Christ. There is a place for you here. Join us.



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