Your investment in the Impact Offering makes a BIG difference by helping our church continue to show God’s love through our mission: GO to the missing • LOVE the marginalized • LIVE as God’s kids


IMPACT In Blue Ash Kids

 We believe children aren’t simply our future, but also our present. We believe the work we do in Blue Ash Kids is equally, if not more, important than the work we do with adults. 

It isn’t enough for our kids to have fun every Sunday, we want them to have fun while they learn how much Jesus loves them, is for them and believes in them. So much so that God can use them to Impact their friends, family and classmates.

The IMPACT Offering will allow us to improve our environments to help an already great ministry continue to thrive. Our new environments will not only be more inviting for kids, with more room to serve them and grow in numbers, it will also be better suited to engage them with the message of Jesus.


We believe God will continue to send more families to Blue Ash Community Church. We believe that the new space isn’t only needed, but also puts us in a position to be better able to accept and steward the children and families God continues to send our way.  

Families used to come to church asking the question “is there coffee?” Now families ask the question “how safe is it?” This new space will dramatically help us keep our kids safe during church. We will now have a dedicated wing for our Children’s Ministry with one main access point on Sunday morning to get into that environment. We want to do our best to care for the children God sends our way and be the best stewards of the children God sends our way and we want to ensure that our kids are safe. 

Not only will this help us have more space in each of our rooms for growth, it also sets us up to have dedicated space for our Student Ministries (7th– 12thGrade), gives us a place for meetings and more than doubles our lobby. The extra space in our lobby will be set up to be more inviting, comfortable and allow us to better serve our guests with audio and video feed of the message on Sundays. 

The extra space also helps us with our bathroom challenge as we will double the number of bathrooms. As adults the line to wait to use the bathroom is often an inconvenience, but when a child needs to use the bathroom it’s an emergency. 

Additionally the extra space allows us to have room to grow in our Children’s Ministry as we could convert the Student Room or the Office Space back into kids spaces when and if needed.

IMPACT In Environments

We’ve already mentioned how the extra space will Impact the lobby, but the new furniture, video feed and overall first experience will dramatically improve. 

Did you know people decide if they are going to return to a church a second time within the first 7 minutes. The newly designed and upgraded lobby will not only allow for much more comfortable seating, it will allow our guests (and our regular attenders) to interact with people much more naturally with a lobby that flows from one space to the next.

We’ve also learned a thing or two in the 2+ years we’ve lived in our space. We’ve learned things we would have done differently and what we would like to do to improve our environments to serve people better…  

We believe that people learn in many ways and we want to be better equipped to communicate Gods love for them in every possible way. 

The IMPACT Offering will allow us to update and upgrade our auditorium with more creativity and allow us to be more user friendly in several areas. 

Will you pray and ask God what He would have you give over and above your regular tithes and offerings to the IMPACT Offering? Remember, this offering isn’t about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. It will take all of us giving sacrificially to support these initiatives in 2019. 

Consider making your first gift or an additional gift today. You can click onGive at the top of this page and choose the IMPACT Offering from the dropdown menu.