Small Groups


Relationships Matter…

We believe the people in your life shape your life. As a matter of fact take a moment and think back to when you made some poor decisions, what types of people were in your life? Now think back to when you made some really good decisions, what types of people were in your life then?

We know this truth, we even hear parents tell their kids not to hang around the wrong crowd, because deep down we know the people in your life truly do shape your life.

A Small Group is a group of 4 - 12 people that meet anywhere from 6 - 12 times per semester to discuss the Bible, a book or watch a video series to learn more about each other, God and meet new friends. We believe this is one of the best environments to be known, meet new people and be around positive people that can help shape your life in the right way.

Our next semester of groups starts October 1st and you can sign up for one now! Check out the available groups below and click here to sign up.


The next semester of Small Groups start February 10th and run through April 30th.

S001 – Everything Always by Bob Goff (Book Study)

From finding the right friends to discovering the upside of failure, Everybody, Always points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible. Whether losing his shoes while skydiving solo or befriending a Ugandan witch doctor, Bob steps into life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinarily ordinary. Everybody, Always reveals how we can do the same.

When: 1st & 3rd Sunday’s (Starting February 17th)
Times: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Where: Blue Ash
Childcare: No (But kids are welcome)
Leader: David Weitzel

S001 – Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a proven program that will show you how to master budgeting, save for emergencies, pay off debt, plan and invest for the future, and live and give like no one else. Sign up now!

When: Sunday’s (Starting February 10th )
Times: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Where: Blue Ash Community Church
Cost: $109 (Attend 8 of the 9 classes and we will give you your money back)
Childcare: Yes and it’s FREE
Leader: Thierry Winkfield

T001 – Podcast Driven

We will listen to a predetermined podcast each week and come together to discuss.

When: Every other Tuesday
Times: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Where: Montgomery
Childcare: No
Leader: Paul Altier

W001 Five Marks of a Man (Book study) – Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood.

A boy doesn’t automatically become a man at age 18. What differentiates a man from a boy is the way he lives. A man has a vision for his life while a boy lives day to day. A man is a team player while a boy wants to be MVP. A man works while a boy plays. A man has the courage to take a minority position while a boy wants the reassurance of the crowd. A man is a protector while a boy is a predator. These are the five marks of a man. It’s not enough to just know them. A real man aggressively pursues them on a daily basis.

When: Every other Wednesday (Starting February 13th)
Times: 7:00 – 8:00 am
Where: Blue Ash Community Church
Childcare: No
Leader: Jeff Hickman

F001 Open Your Bible (Book Study) – God’s Word is For You and For Now.

Are you longing to hear from God, aching to know who He really is? The beautiful truth is this—we can encounter the living God today and every day in the pages of His Word. Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or struggle to keep up with studying Scripture, Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and a stronger desire to know the Bible inside and out. Using powerful storytelling, real-life examples, and scripture itself, Open Your Bible will quench a thirst you might not even know you have—one that can only be satisfied by God’s Word.

When: Every other Friday (Starting February 15th)
Times: 12:30 Sharonville
Childcare: No
Leader: Crystal Wash