Relationships Matter…

We believe the people in your life shape your life. As a matter of fact take a moment and think back to when you made some poor decisions, what types of people were in your life? Now think about when you made some really good decisions, what types of people were in your life then?

We know this truth, we even hear parents tell their kids not to hang around the wrong crowd, because deep down we know the people in your life truly do shape your life.

A Small Group is a group of 4 - 12 people that meet anywhere from 6 - 12 times per semester to discuss the Bible, a book or watch a video series to learn more about each other, God and meet new friends. We believe this is one of the best environments to be known, meet new people and be around positive people that can help shape your life in the right way. Our next semester of groups is getting ready to start and you can check out the available groups and sign up for one here!